25 Steps to Zero Food Waste


25 Steps to Zero Food Waste



Why should we aim for Zero Food Waste? The environment is on everyone’s mind at the moment and we can act as individuals to improve the situation for future generations.

Half the food produced around the world is wasted. This has a huge effect on the environment in terms of water usage, gasses released from rotting food and the expense of production. Additionally, millions of people don’t have enough to eat. Where is the justice in this equation?

By being more conscious about what you use, reducing your food waste, you will, as a direct result, buy less and contribute to the circular food economy. Download this list of Zero Food Waste tips so your food lasts longer and isn’t thrown out unnecessarily. Let us know what you liked most in the comments below!

Food that is truly waste and has no other use, can be thrown in a compost bin. Your neighbour may have a compost or a wormery that you can bring your scraps to. There may be a community garden that needs your scraps to enrich their soil. Ask around and you will find a solution.

Let us know what should be added to the list in the comments below!

Photo by Luca Nardone from Pexels.


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