Package: Stress & Anxiety Meal Plan + Relaxing Bath Salts

Stress & Anxiety Meal Plan + Magnesium Salts

Package: Stress & Anxiety Meal Plan + Relaxing Bath Salts


A high fibre, sugar-free meal plan packed with nutrients PLUS magnesium salts (1kg) to support the body during times of stress.

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Combined Package: 7 days of recipes PLUS 1 kilo of bath salts to combat stress & anxiety

Whether your stress comes from your work, your home life, poor health or a poor diet, your body is reacting with the same physiological response. Fight/flight/freeze. This chronic state of stress has wide reaching effects on the body and that means you have a greater need for vitamins and minerals to support the stress response and still keep you feeling balanced.

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect combination?

By saving yourself the trouble of planning what to buy, or how much, you have a full week of recipes to cook wholesome food from. Then give yourself a lovely foot bath 3x per week and you’ll feel confident that you are supporting yourself through this stressful time.

Want to take it a step further? Book an online Discovery call and we’ll get you on the fast track to better health.

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