Eating Mindfully: 5 day mini course


Eating Mindfully: 5 day mini course


This 5 day course will teach you how to be more conscious in your food choices, so you can enjoy the foods you want to AND start achieving your health goals. You will also get a 30 minute nutrition strategy session with Functional Medicine practitioner Joyce Bergsma.

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Are you setting goals that start next month? Wondering how much weight you’ll gain over the holidays?

If you are feeling the crunch of the upcoming holidays then this is the course for you! You can have your cake and eat it too…quite literally! A busy holiday with lots of tempting food around, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself AND take care of your health.

I’m going to show you how…by eating mindfully.

Don’t put off feeling good about your health until next year!

NOW is the time to focus on it…without having to give up everything you love. In this course I’ll teach you:

  • learn to handle holiday stress
  • enjoy your food without the guilt
  • eat without excess
  • eat without overthinking each bite
  • succeed at your New Year’s resolutions more easily
  • get support with setting your personal goals


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