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Veggie of the Week

Olives and Happy Hearts

Olive Oyl or Olive Oil? We’re not talking about Popeye’s sweetheart Olive Oyl, but the delicious fruit of the olive tree. Yep, technically olives are considered a fruit, although we often refer to them as a vegetable. Green and black olives are actually the same fruit, but are picked at different points in their development. Green olives are younger and…

Veggie of the Week

The Pistachio: Heart Healthy Nuts

What are Pistachios? Similar to mangoes, the pistachio is a member of the cashew family. Although now grown in California, it originates from the Middle East and is native to Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey and the Caucausus Mountains (southern Afghanistan and Russia). It’s the seed of a very hardy tree that grows in dry, stoney, nutrient-poor soil under a hot sun….