Organic Food: Is it a Scam?

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Organic Food: Is it a Scam?

Go Local

Sacks of organic grains used by EatLiveLovefood

Noordemarkt, Amsterdam

Every Saturday I make my way to my local organic market in the heart of the Jordaan in Amsterdam as I believe it’s important to buy organically.

My favourite stall at the Noordemarkt, as it’s called, is the Ysselstein stall with organic grains displayed in sacks, dried fruit and nuts, fresh olives and different types of pasta.

The reason I buy my grains here is not just because there is more selection and lower prices than the large grocery store and sometimes the health food shops, but because I build relationships with the vendors. I get to know them and more about their products.

Why organic?

Because of the size of grains, there is a larger surface area for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to absorb into the food. If you’re thinking about going organic, be sure to include organic grains in your diet.

Every week I make and deliver healthy salads within the centre of Amsterdam. They’re partly organic, depending on what’s available, but I make a special point to buy organic grains. It’s also an excellent opportunity to try something you’ve never had before.

Some of the grains I use are kamut, red Camargue rice, round brown rice, long-grain brown rice, wild rice, red and white quinoa, rye oats as well as mung beans, aduki beans, French puy lentils among others.

Think about trying something new? Remember that a variety of colours provides a variety of nutrients and, go organic.

Basket of colourful vegetables

Photo by TM Goodwin Photography