Her message put a huge smile on my face

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Her message put a huge smile on my face

I looked down at my phone again. It had been vibrating repeatedly to tell me another message was coming in, several in fact. Normally, I’m focussed on my work for 25 minutes straight at a time, but I had forgotten to turn my phone on silent. Now it was grabbing my attention.

When I saw the message, I gave a little jump for joy! I smiled, not because I was surprised by the message, but because I wasn’t.

“Joyce, since starting with your programme, I’ve felt my sugar levels become more balanced. I haven’t had any cravings and I’ve been more conscious about what I’m eating, thank you!”


A couple of weeks previously, this woman contacted me. She was a little apprehensive about making the commitment to my six-month programme. Life at home was quite stressful due to her child’s illness, and that’s not stress you can easily eliminate, or even minimise.

Her concerns were about how much commitment it would be in time and energy and how she would balance that. She was also concerned about getting results.

While she came to see me about weight loss, anxiety and getting back to work with better eating habits, she knew that signing up for the long game was the right thing to do and made the committment.

We don’t make bad habits overnight.

So we have to expect that making good habits will also take time.

In the end, we’d been working together for only two weeks, and she was already feeling like she could follow through with my advice more easily, because she was seeing a difference.

And she only changed ONE THING in her diet. No removing of any foods. She only added this one thing.

That’s how simple it can be.

Get started with one change and you could change the trajectory of your health.

Are you ready?

I simplify things for my clients…and I want that for you too.

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My name is Joyce Bergsma and, of course, I teach my clients how to understand their bodies and how to feed them in the best way possible.

But what I ALSO do is act as their cheerleader, their navigator and I hold them accountable.

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