Nutrition Intensive

Calm your racing mind and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Book a package today and regain balance in your life

Let me guess…you’re looking at this intensive nutrition programme because

you’ve not been feeling yourself.

You’ve not been feeling how you WANT to feel.

Maybe you’ve been feeling a bit like this…


You’ve been to doctors, you’ve seen different therapists, but haven’t found the answer, right?

Maybe you’ve even done a couple of tests. The difference with choosing to work with me for 6 months is that you have intensive support and a functional medicine approach to get to the root of the problem.

What are the benefits of working with me?

If you make the commitment to deepening your understanding of your health and the changes you need to make, you could:

  • Feel calmer and stronger
  • Stop your mind racing
  • Sleep more deeply and wake feeling refreshed
  • Have more energy
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Feel relaxed and able to breathe deeply again
  • Be able to manage life’s upsets more easily
  • Reconnect with yourself

What does working on your health for SIX months look like?

Are you committed to making improvements to your health? Work with me and you’ll get:

  • Video contact with me in consultation every two weeks to celebrate your successes and discuss next steps
  • Fully digital programme incorporating lifestyle, dietary or supplemental advice that we agreed together
  • Support between consultations for those small questions you need answered quickly
  • Fully researched advice specific to your health issues
  • Review and analysis of your health history
  • Review and analysis of any blood tests
  • Food diary analysis
  • Recipes and cooking inspiration
  • Digestive testing included
  • Option to arrange extra laboratory testing*
  • Analysis of any extra laboratory test
  • Referrals to complementary therapists or specialists
  • Handouts for easy access to information specific to you

*Cost of lab testing varies