Deal With Stress: Find a therapist

Find a therapist

Since starting the Happiness Hub in 2017, we’ve been connecting with many therapists from all different fields that can help you minimise the effects of stress. Body therapies, talking therapies and more; you’ll find more and more the solutions you need.


  1. Functioning Psychology – Francesca Eleuteri treats Individual, couple and family therapy for adults, adolescents, children and 65+. You can read her blog post here on ADHD.
  2. Sleep Counseling – Katerina Nikolou is a psychologist specialising in sleep disturbances. You can read her blog post here on sleep and mood.

Coaching and NLP

  1. Happiness Coaching Studio – Juan I. Campoo is an International NLP Master Coach who helps people upgrade their minds, overcome their limitations and become the best versions of themselves. You can hear what his clients have to say about his work on the link above.

Body therapies

  1. Eva’s Authentic Living

Other Therapies