6 Weeks to Finding the Root Cause of Your Anxiety

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Where do you start?


Find the Root Cause of Your Anxiety


A supportive, high-energy, 6-week incubator designed to help you take action and understand what has been contributing to your anxiety!

During the course, you’ll work through the following 6 essential steps to carve out a clear path to freedom from anxiety:

Course outline

Why is this crucial for your health journey?


Being part of a community and having my guidance, a professional functional medicine practitioner, will be crucial to your success. Research shows that all of us are more successful at reaching our goals when we share them and are held accountable. As it takes a community to raise a child, we also need community to get there.


I’m Joyce Bergsma, Nutritional therapist & Functional medicine practitioner

Over the last decade, I have helped hundreds of women scratch under the surface of their symptoms to find out what’s really going on underneath. Many of those discovered that healing themselves from the ‘bottom up’ resolved symptoms they hadn’t even thought to complain about any longer! I also run several growing communities on Facebook, including Squash Your Anxiety Through Nutrition.

I’ve taken the most impactful research and content to help women leverage their health, and lives, into new realms. By focussing on the small steps to get started, they found that, as their health improved, their confidence grew and it influenced their relationships in life. I’m so excited to help YOU do the same thing!

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What you have access to in the course

…And then what???

Throughout the course you will have built a plan specific to the Root Causes of Your Anxiety. You’ll have the confidence to take the next steps in your health journey and know how to work with your doctor.


…now you have prioritised the changes to your diet and lifestyle that will bring you the most effective results!


If you’ve missed the latest start date, feel free to get in contact or…