Healthy Recipes

Best Natural Cold Remedy This Winter

Honey Cold Remedy to Prevent the Winter Blues This recipe is truly my go-to cold remedy all season long and I just love the flavours! I discovered the beautiful combination of honey and lemon and ginger years ago and have since added turmeric and, more recently, garlic. Whichever combination you decide to do is entirely up to you and your…

Veggie of the Week

Garlic: The Magic Pill?

What is Garlic? A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat. –Yiddish proverb The Stinking Rose or Russian penicillin, as garlic is also called, is a member of the lily family. The bulb, which grows underground, is the most used part of the plant, but the leaves, called scapes, are also edible and…