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Don't wait like I did

You know how it is. You have minor health issues that you neglect. I was the same. I was suffering from bloating and age-related issues. The penny dropped when I was diagnosed with gastritis. I decided to ask Joyce for help. During our sessions, I felt energized, supported, and thoroughly informed about what made certain foods healthy for me and my individual health concerns. Joyce gave me a priceless toolbox for a healthy future.
- Özlem

It's powerful!

I honestly learned more from Joyce in an hour than I did from the last 9 months with my doctors...having someone be on your side with your health is a powerful tool.
- Jennifer

Great pregnancy support

I contacted Joyce based on a recommendation when I found out I have gestational diabetes some months before my due date. Additional to this I am allergic to gluten and had a pretty tough pregnancy due to low blood pressure and anaemia. From the first consultation Joyce recommended me a full schedule not only regarding my nutrition but also how I can improve other areas of my life to gain more energy during pregnancy and prepare for birth. I love about Joyce that she looks at you holistically rather than to a specific issue. Based on the blood exams I have done & her investigations she was able to recommend a full support plan: supplements, food, exercise & other routines to follow. In a matter on weeks my diabetes was under control, our baby’s weight improved and I felt with so much more energy. So I would definitely recommend Joyce to anyone that is interested in improving their life starting from nutrition but going much deeper than that. Her professionalism, care and guidance definitely helped in improving my pregnancy journey!
- Malina

Great kimchi & pickles workshop

I attended the pickles and the kimchi (online) workshops, learned so much about fermentation and got great, tasty results. Joyce is a great teacher, lots of background knowledge about nutrition and fermentation!
- Axel

Huge positive impact on my life!

Consultations with Joyce have been nothing short of a revelation.  She straight away diagnosed an underlying, previously undetected, condition that had been detrimentally impacting my life. And then, with her extensive and comprehensive knowledge and experience guided me to realistic dietary and lifestyle changes.  Working with Joyce has had a huge positive impact on my life 🙂
- Tara