Movement for Mood

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Movement for Mood

With my work in movement and exercise, I hear this type of comment a lot:

“I feel so good after training”

” I feel so much better on the day I come to bootcamp”

“I’m so glad I came to the session”

Benefits beyond the body

The benefits of training and movement can help so much in terms of your mind. Studies have shown the following positive results from exercise in many areas including:

  • Better attention span (including ignoring distractions and multitasking)
  • Increase in memory
  • Improved mental health (including helping against depression)
  • Improved creativity
  • Delays in the onset of dementia

Start slowly

For some it will be a challenge to make the first steps to exercising and my advice is to make it as easy for yourself as possible. You can already gain a big advantage in going out for a brisk walk. If you can do this in a natural environment the positive impact is even better.

Tips to become more active

Exercise doesn’t mean going to the gym or doing sports; you can also be active by:

  • walking or cycling instead of taking the bus, car, etc
  • doing household chores
  • playing with your kids
  • dancing around your house
  • climbing stairs with shopping instead of taking the lift

Try a team sport. For some, the fun aspect of working in a team can be a distraction from the exercise itself. The sense of being part of a team can also help with general well being.

Don’t get discouraged

  1. Start easy and build up gradually. Don’t suddenly go from zero to trying to exercise every day, and if you can’t handle the thought of an hour just plan for be active for 10 minutes to start with.
  2. Find something you enjoy. Try out different things. You might find out that dancing is right up your street or perhaps you prefer to get into a park and do some body weight training.
  3. Get support. Whether it is a friend who can train with you, a group that you enjoy working out with or a Personal Trainer.
  4. Plan it into your agenda. You plan in your important meetings and appointments. Being active is also important give it the space in your calendar it deserve.

Lorna Wilson, movement specialist and guest blogger at EatLiveLovefoodThis post was written by Lorna Wilson, Personal Trainer at Wilson’s Workouts.

She loves to help people improve their movement so that they train better with a reduced chance of pains and niggles. This allows her clients to go on and achieve more than they thought possible.

You can check out her blog to find out more.