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Best Natural Cold Remedy This Winter

Honey Cold Remedy to Prevent the Winter Blues This recipe is truly my go-to cold remedy all season long and I just love the flavours! I discovered the beautiful combination of honey and lemon and ginger years ago and have since added turmeric and, more recently, garlic. Whichever combination you decide to do is entirely up to you and your…

Happiness Health

Deficiencies in These Nutrients May Cause Depression

Is your diet be missing crucial nutrients that could eventually lead to mental health issues? Today is World Mental Health Day and we’ve come long way in our awareness around mental health issues. We realise that they are just normal ‘health issues’ that need to be treated and deserve our open attention. Raising awareness about the causes of depression and…

Veggie of the Week

Lavender as an Anti-depressant?

What is Lavender? This shrubby member of the mint family has been used for centuries for its odour-masking scent and health properties. Used in the public baths by Greeks and Romans, the word lavender is derived from the Latin word lavare, or to wash. The essential oils and the dried flowers are most often used, but occasionally lavender is used…