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Why I Can’t Live Without Connection to My People

After the last couple of years, living through a pandemic, you might agree that the isolation has not been good for most people. For someone living with anxiety, it can be tempting to avoid people and leaving the house (aka triggers). In reality, although you avoid certain triggers, you miss out on one very important thing for your mental health….

Happiness Health

Brain Food During a Pandemic

3 Ways to Feed Your Brain With a pandemic that has really hit the world hard since March this year, there’s no clear end in sight and more of us are looking to protect our physical and mental health. The health of our brain and immune system. As the number rise again we’ve seen an increase in depression, anxiety, suicidal…

Happiness Health

Exercise vs Chocolate: a stand-off in the fight for happiness

Have you ever wondered why exercise is so important for your health? A new cure for depression? Let’s consider our mental health. Have you ever experienced anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, trauma or ADHD? These are some of the most common mental illnesses which we come across today. Constant rushing around and dealing with the problems of everyday life may make you…