Kimchi: The First Step

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Kimchi: The First Step

Preparing Cabbage to Make Kimchi

Although kimchi is simple to make, there are certain steps in the process you don’t want to miss. The preparation of the cabbage is easy, but hours before you settle down to chop and mix, you want to get this step done. Prepare your cabbage for the excitement!

Preparing your cabbage, don’t miss this step!

At least three hours before you want to prepare your cabbage. Here are the simple steps listed in the video above:

  1. Cut your Chinese cabbage lengthwise, down the centre, so it is in half.
  2. Take each half of the cabbage and slice about 10cm at the core end. Don’t slice all the way down the length, but leave the quarters attached.
  3. Rinse your cabbage well. This will remove any dirt, but also makes the salt stick to the cabbage better.
  4. Put half of your cabbage into a bowl and start to rub it with salt. It’s important that you not only rub the outside, but also between each individual layer, especially near the core where the cabbage is thicker.
  5. Now do the second half.
  6. Leave the cabbage in the bowl for three hours, turning every 30-60 minutes to ensure it’s getting softer. You will also notice water collecting in the bottom as the salt draws the water out.
  7. At the end of the three hourse, rinse your cabbage well between the layers and allow to drain.
  8. If you are not making the cabbage immediately, then put it in a container and store it in the fridge.