Fermentation workshops to improve health & happiness

Looking for a fun workshop to do with friends?

You’ve been feeling a bit off this year, maybe bloated, low in energy or mood. You are bored, feel stagnant and need a change!

Make change

Fermentation is the gateway to better health and workshops are a fantastic way to take charge of what goes into your body. Cooking isn’t everyone’s favourite thing, but including fermented foods are a smart way to start off. You make a big batch at once and enjoy the results for a while. Workshops also make great parties or even a gift for someone! 

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Some of our workshops are online at the moment, or possible to do online so please read carefully before booking. It may be that you need to source your ingredients locally OR you may possibly pick them up from us ahead of time. Choose your ticket accordingly and book in advance!



Sprouting Workshop & Lunch

Traditional Korean Kimchi

Bubbly Kombucha & Kefir

Dill Pickles

Sourdough Starter

Ginger Lovers Special

Christmas Gifts

COVID preparedness:

There are currently only a limited number of people allowed at the live workshops and we will maintain distance from each other. You will need to bring a mask with you and wear it while at the workshop. We’ll wash our hands regularly and avoid personal contact. Other instructions will be provided on the day.



Interested in reading more about fermentation?

Kombucha – Sourdough – Dill Pickles – Sauerkraut – Ginger Beer


Why EatLiveLovefood?Joyce making kimchi

For more than 10 years, I’ve been experimenting with fermentation, recipe development, running workshops and growing my own food. I found in clinic that my clients, while motivated to improve their health, often lacked knowledge about how to start incorporating new foods and recipes into their diets.

As part of working holistically, I help you learn how to use the foods I advise. So, workshops were the result! Join us and you’ll learn the practicalities of fermenting, cooking and food prep. Includes refreshments, equipment and something to take home with you. More details below.

Questions? Email me at or chat with us on social media @eatlivelovefood.

What people are saying…

Great kimchi & pickles workshop

I attended the pickles and the kimchi (online) workshops, learned so much about fermentation and got great, tasty results. Joyce is a great teacher, lots of background knowledge about nutrition and fermentation!
- Axel

Kombucha and Kefir workshop

I attended Joyce`s kombucha and kefir workshop and It was amazing! She guided us through the whole process patiently, she made us taste delicious stuff..all in a cosy and familiar atmosphere. Joyce is professional and friendly, she is really knowledgeable and I will definitely attend more of her workshops!
- gessica lucci

Kefir & Kombucha Evening 13/3/20

Thx Joyce, it was a very 'gezellig', clear and interesting workshop. Beautifully connecting people, bacteria and yeasts 😉
- Friso van Overbeek