5 Habits That Make Me Who I Am

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5 Habits That Make Me Who I Am

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be around people. I’m an extrovert…or maybe an ambivert actually, but it means that I have always gotten my energy from being around people.

My dad used to take me to my basketball games on Saturdays, coach me from the sidelines (probably completely annoying my coach ha ha) and then the best part would happen afterwards. If I played hard or scored a goal, he would take me to Tim Horton’s on John Street for a donut (don’t judge, I wasn’t a Nutritional Therapist yet).

It was special because it was with my dad, but I remember telling him once that I kept ordering the same donut because I wanted to be able to walk in and say, “I’ll have the regular please!”

He didn’t stop laughing for a long time. 🙂

That’s the first memory I have of trying to build a habit.

Nowadays, I have a tonne of great habits, a fair share of bad habits and a lot of perspective. But habits don’t come by easily, do they? Well, let me share with you a few of my favourites off the top of my head… and 2 of them I do BEFORE 9am:

  1. I LOVE to stretch like my cat Kina does. This is partly because it wakes up every cell in my body (she says) and also because it’s my way of checking in with my spine. I really have had back issues for years and I need to stretch in a certain way so that I start off the day right.
  2. Tickle myself. Yes, it’s weird, but I am really ticklish and when I use a cottonbud and clean my ears (part of my waking up-wash-my-face ritual) it ends up tickling me.
  3. I begin the arduous process of choosing my breakfast. It is literally impossible for me to eat the same thing two days in a row. In fact, if I can’t get the variety that I crave to my core, then my entire day’s ruined. I NEED change in my life, my daily routine. Breakfast is my thing, it’s important to me and I love having a different one each day. What can I say? You might feel like that about dinners, but for me – breakfasts.
  4. Always checking on my protein intake. I know that neurotransmitters and hormones need the basic building block of protein, that as we age we digest it inefficiently but need it more so I’m a little obsessed. Logging it in an app periodically? Asking my bestie where’s the protein when she cooks for me? Only ordering meals that have protein at a restaurant? I can be happily annoying 🙂 But I feel strong!
  5. Getting to bootcamp every Wednesday morning. It took me AGES, but I finally got that session blocked out in my calendar…since about 7 years ago! I’ve even had jobs that I would only accept if I could make that session. What can I say, it’s kinda changed my life!

I help my clients build amazing habits…and I want that for you too.

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