How My Life Changed a Decade Ago

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How My Life Changed a Decade Ago

Years ago, I found myself in a tight spot, very tight, stressful. One that I couldn’t seem to get out of…not on my own anyway. That’s when my life changed dramatically.

I was on the verge of a burnout and felt like I could snap at any moment. Have you ever experienced that?

  • I couldn’t sleep
  • I cried really easily
  • My hands shook
  • I couldn’t concentrate

Sound familiar?

I was doing all the things…seeing a psychologist, seeing a hypnotherapist, talking to friends and exercising. They helped, but it wasn’t until I saw a Registered Nutritional Therapist that things shifted.

😍 Within 3 weeks I was feeling a LOT better.

🙈 We did some testing and I discovered a blood sugar imbalance and a candida overgrowth

I was so motivated by her and the revelation from the testing that it was EASY to follow what I needed to do. I healed…and you can too.

How did I get there?

When you grow up in a highly religious house with a depressed mom, who later becomes manic and is traumatically placed in a hospital and a dad who is heavy handed and hugs you too closely during puberty you’re bound to have some things to work out.

I look back on that time and see a hugely angry girl with stress-triggered gut issues. I once had a tension headache that lasted six months continuously.

I was extremely lucky to have a brother who was the guiding force in my life…I would argue that he saved my life actually. I moved far away, did therapy and grew a lot.

I was a hugely picky eater, but that all changed when I moved away, because I made a conscious decision to work on it. Then when I studied nutrition, but especially after I almost burned out, I made real changes.

While life and health is never perfect, it can be good again. Even great. When I was young I never thought I would be happy. Now I’m happy and healthy, and I look forward – not to a long life – but a GOOD life.

So I know from personal experience that you have to work on the messed up childhood trauma, but you can’t ignore your relationship with food…and vice versa.

Who do I work with?

If you want to look at what might help your anxiety and help your body’s natural response to stress, there are several things you can do.

  1. If you are at the beginning of this journey, then you can fill in my Anxiety Quiz to see which of your symptoms can be helped really quickly. Then you’ll receive a follow up email that explains how.
  2. If you have been suffering a long time with no relief, or are ready to dig deeper, you may qualify to work with me 1:1…is this you?

🤩 The women I work with are ready.
🤩 They are working on their trauma and/or have resolved some of it.
🤩 They want to investigate the imbalances that may be the root cause of their anxiety and other health issues.

Are you ready?

This is what I do with my clients…and I want that for you too.

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My name is Joyce Bergsma and, of course, I teach my clients how to understand their bodies and how to feed them in the best way possible.

But what I ALSO do is act as their cheerleader, their navigator and I hold them accountable.

You can book a call with me so we can talk about where you are, what your goals are for your health and where you see yourself going…I’m going to help you clarify all of that. Sign up here.