I Can’t Tell You How Much I Love This

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I Can’t Tell You How Much I Love This

Have you ever started thinking about something you really love to do and you instantly feel it in your body? You know, that feeling you have when the thoughts about it seem to pervade your senses?

You feel warmth, a sudden surge of emotion (hello oxytocin and dopamine!) or your muscles maybe tighten in excitement or soften as you remember how relaxed you feel doing it?

That’s how I feel about growing my own food

So excited to see a bean sprout emerge!

Notice that I didn’t say ‘gardening’. When I think about gardening, I don’t have the same feeling.

That’s because growing my own food is a LOADED statement. It means much more to me than gardening, which I see as a hobby, or a way to spend time.

Growing my own food is much more than a hobby, it’s a way:

  • To provide healthy food and know its exact origin and history
  • To understand the interaction of the organisms in the soil with the seeds I add and the plants I water
  • To provide affordable food in these times of rising inflation and soaring prices
  • To be in nature and calm my nervous system
  • To work hard and feel that I’ve earned the food I eat at the end of the day
  • To feel the sun on my skin and soak up the UV rays so I can make vitamin D in my body
  • To move and circulate oxygen and nutrients around to my cells
  • To connect with others in, and around, my garden
  • To share food and knowledge with others

I am living my best life, and I want that for you too.

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