This Quote Motivates me Daily

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This Quote Motivates me Daily

All on my own

One of the toughest thing about being an entrepreneur is staying motivated, when you are always on your own. Maybe I should qualify that, as an ambivert, I find it tough not having colleagues next to me.

It just means that I need to find ways to plan the year, the quarter, the week on my own.

I do the admin, the marketing, the IT, the strategy, the design AND the nutritional content (that part I LOVE) and it can be frustrating and lonely to do all the things.

That’s why keeping myself motivated is the KEY.

Navigating your health

It’s not really different when it comes to looking after your health, right? It’s difficult to keep going.

  1. You need to figure out which symptoms are bothering you enough to try to fix
  2. Research what the problem could be
  3. Decide HOW you will approach it
  4. Shop for the right foods, supplements or other products to assist you
  5. Hope that it works
  6. Rinse and repeat

That can be exhausting, lonely and frustrating, right?

Motivation is KEY

That’s why I love this quote from Adelle Davis, it’s the most simple way to look at your health. Adelle was an American nutritionist and author, born in 1904. She was a big fan of unprocessed foods and condemned the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) that was developing around her at the time.

  • I want CHANGE to be easy.
  • I want being HEALTHY to be easy.
  • I want you to feel MOTIVATED.
  • We have no excuse when it’s EASY.

So next time you’re in the grocery store, the market or the kitchen, look at the food and ask yourself this question:

Does this food BUILD HEALTH or produce DISEASE?

That’s what I do with my clients…and I want that for you too.

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My name is Joyce Bergsma and I teach my clients how to understand their bodies and nourish them in the best way possible. I help them on the journey to be symptom free so they are living happier, more fulfilling lives.

But what I ALSO do is act as a cheerleader, a navigator and I hold them accountable.

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