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Veggie of the Week

Why Rye?

What is Rye? Used in bread so prolifically, the rye grain is second only to wheat. It resembles the wheat grain, but is longer, more slender and may be more of a light brown or a greyish-green. It’s the tastiest grain and is usually eaten in a more whole form than it’s cousin wheat as it’s labour-intensive to process. This…

Veggie of the Week

Two Peas in a Pod

[When you have two people that are similar, we say, “Those two are just like two peas in a pod!”. I have that with my BFF and I’d like to think that a lot of the vegetables we’re talking about are also very similar to each other. Some good examples include turmeric and ginger, which both have strong anti-inflammatory properties….

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Sugar kills your sex life

Are you a secret sugar addict? I must confess I alsocrave a lot of sugary foods…chocolate in particular is my weakness. Since attempting to really reduce the amount of added sugar I’m eating, I feel much better physically, although I crave it even more! I would normally eat a whole bar of chocolate in one sitting because I felt down…