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I Failed, But Learned This From my Failure

Although I’m not really into journalling, I see the value in it and do my own version of it by keeping an agenda and setting intentions, or goals, each month. But as I look back over my intentions from the beginning of the month…I see that I FAILED in reaching my goal. That’s soul crushing, right? It kinda makes me…

Happiness Health

5 Habits That Make Me Who I Am

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be around people. I’m an extrovert…or maybe an ambivert actually, but it means that I have always gotten my energy from being around people. My dad used to take me to my basketball games on Saturdays, coach me from the sidelines (probably completely annoying my coach ha ha) and then the best…

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How to Build Habits That Stick

I am a failure at making habits Recently, I was contacted by a client who was feeling overwhelmed. They hadn’t been able to follow everything in the programme that we had discussed and were feeling guilty about it. They hadn’t gotten into good habits and were worried that they had let me down. Feeling disappointed that they hadn’t done it…