The (un)Expected Wins!

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The (un)Expected Wins!

Recently, I was talking to a client and I asked her to think about what she wanted to get out of the next month of the programme. But instead of talking about that, she couldn’t stop telling me about all the WINS, the things that have improved, since we started working together. She was literally bursting with enthusiasm!

This is someone who knows a LOT about nutrition already and is in touch with her own body.

Just some of the things she was so excited about:

  1. She’s eating a tonne more veggies! In salads, smoothies… she looks forward to having them, misses them when she doesn’t get them and just feels great!
  2. She feels happier! Like all of us, she has has a very busy life filled with stress. She now feels stable and supported in her nutrition and her programme. Her anxiety is no longer ruling her life.
  3. Her energy is more stable! No more ups and downs during the day. She now has more energy all the time.
  4. She recently gave up the Pill! In conjunction with her improved nutrition, the support of this programme and some additional hormone testing, she now feels empowered to balance her mood during her normal cycle.
  5. She feels unrestricted! Working together and making smart additions to her diet, she easily gave up caffeine and reduced her sugar intake. She’s now sleeping better, her mood has improved and can enjoy all food without guilt.

Unsurprising results

In the beginning she was hesitant to sign up. She wanted to have assurances, to feel confident about what she would achieve in the time we would work together.

Here’s what I told her:

  • I would be there every session with tailored feedback and steps to build on her progress.
  • She would receive regular check ins from me; encouragement, questions… and answers.
  • Her programme would be exactly what we had discussed and agreed during the session and provide clear instructions and explanations.
  • She would always understand WHY she was making the changes to her lifestyle.
  • I would make it easy for her. I would be doing all the research and give her the confidence to make decisions.
  • She would feel assured that any supplements that I recommended would safely complement any medication she was currently on.
  • That I would challenge her when I saw that she was getting in her own way. Helping her maintain progress she would make.

That’s because my work is so much more than food, it’s an all encompassing work that focusses on mental health, mindset, supplements, lifestyle AND dietary changes that support every system in your body.

Joyce Bergsma

I hold my clients accountable for unsurprising wins, and I want that for you too.

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My name is Joyce Bergsma and I teach my clients how to understand their bodies and nourish them in the best way possible. I help them on the journey to be symptom free so they are living happier, more fulfilling lives.

But what I ALSO do is act as a cheerleader, a navigator and I hold them accountable.

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