This Gave me a Massive Energy Boost

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This Gave me a Massive Energy Boost

When I was living in London I realised that I had hit a wall, but it all changed for my energy levels when I did this one thing.

Tired all the time

I was working a full-time job (read 40 hours per week) as a project manager for a private healthcare company. Plus, I was studying ‘part-time’ (read 27 hours per week) and was running on adrenaline.

I was TIRED!

To be honest, it was one of those things where you just GO. You are so busy and so goal-oriented, you don’t really see it. Plus life in general in London is far more fast-paced than life in Amsterdam. I was just doing the things; work, study, partner, cooking, seeing friends (okay, there was less time for that)…and I sacrificed my health, my sleep and I was NOT relaxed.

In fact, I was ILL.

  • Sleep was on the back burner…in fact, I COULDN’T SLEEP
  • Irritable, I was easily set off
  • Stressed as my nervous system was overloaded
  • When I stopped, I felt VERY tired (but still couldn’t sleep – ahhh the paradoxes of life)
  • I was uncomfortable from symptoms that were annoying, but just tolerable enough that I wasn’t stopping to do something about them

Then, I got up one night…exasperated. I had been lying awake for hours, agitated about nothing in particular and about everything that had EVER bothered me. Sound familiar?

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I wasn’t happy, I was tired, I was unable to feel good in my skin.

Then I did this

It may sound stupid now, but I did the thing I should have been doing from the beginning. I booked an appointment with Melody Mackeown to look at my diet.

She blew my mind, seriously.

Even though I was studying nutrition, I needed that bird’s-eye view that you rarely can get when you work on your health with Dr Google.

So we tested:

  • SIgA – the immunoglobulins that help protect you from microbes in the gut and lungs and help ‘tag’ food as SAFE – It was LOW
  • Cortisol and DHEA to look at how my nervous system was coping – It wasn’t!
  • Stool test to see how balanced my microbes were – They weren’t! I had a candida infection
  • Heavy metals test to see whether toxins were making me tired – they were! Mercury was a bit high, likely from my amalgam fillings
I was full of energy again!

As she already suspected many of these things, we started work straight away. Within a few weeks I was already feeling a LOT better.

I had less itchy skin, I got to sleep faster, I felt calmer and, best of all, I was less tired and have more energy!

Of course, I thought that meant I could do MORE, which was a bad idea…but that’s a story for next time 😉

I have TONNES of energy, and I want that for you too.

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