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Beetroot and Red Cabbage Salad

Looking for a delicious summer salad? When the weather is warm and the last thing you want to do is spend time in the kitchen this is the perfect recipe. This is a recipe I love to make for maintaining healthy digestion. It also helps me reach my veggie/fruit goal of the day; that’s 10 for me, but even if…

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The Gut Microbiome and the Brain

Since the Human Genome Project was followed by the Microbiome Project, we have been learning more and more about how important our gut flora are to our health. More bacteria than cells The bacteria we have in our guts weighs up to 2kg (3-4lbs). The gut contains tens of trillions of bacteria that are made up of over 1000 different…

Healthy Recipes

Courgette Banana Bread

We would come home from school to find the house filled with the smell of a freshly baked loaf. It was a way of showing her love, besides the million hugs I received, and contributed to my love of food.

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The 4 Steps to Beating Depression

What impact is depression having around the world? Depressive disorders are common mental disorders that occur in people across all world regions and of all ages. So, how big of a problem is it? Well, from the 2013 article “Burden of Depressive Disorders by Country, Sex, Age, and Year“, which is based on the results of the Global Burden of…

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Free Introduction to Fermentation

Since 2014, we’ve been offering a free introduction to fermentation so you can get over the fear of the bubbling jars (kidding!). You’ll receive the basics of how to ferment foods and the health benefits at the same time as meeting some lovely people. In November we made sauerkraut and in December it was kombucha, kefir and sourdough starters. You…

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What is Epigenetics?!!

Epigenetics and Neuroepigenetics How epigenetics transforms us We all know that our genes play a role in who we are, what colour our hair and eyes are and whether we are artistic or sporty. What is really important though, is how those genes present themselves. That is epigenetics. Genes can be turned off, on, cranked up or toned down depending on…

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Lost in the expat desert

Anna – a case study, part 1 by Stephen Davies, Psychologist & Running Therapist Introducing Anna Anna is a 26 year old female from the United States that has been living in the Netherlands for about 5 years. She decided to move after meeting her current partner Hans while travelling around Europe. The initial organisation and move itself was very…

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Take off those heavy boots

7 ways to rid yourself of the blues (a.k.a…depression) In the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the main character, Oskar Schell, describes his depression as ‘wearing heavy boots’.  I know I’ve worn heavy boots from time to time, but you may use different words to describe it. No matter how you describe it, I think we can all agree to…