Specific Health Issues

Her message put a huge smile on my face

I looked down at my phone again. It had been vibrating repeatedly to tell me another message was coming in, several in fact. Normally, I’m focussed on my work for 25 minutes straight at a time, but I had forgotten to turn my phone on silent. Now it was grabbing my attention. When I saw the message, I gave a…

Happiness Health

How My Life Changed a Decade Ago

Years ago, I found myself in a tight spot, very tight, stressful. One that I couldn’t seem to get out of…not on my own anyway. That’s when my life changed dramatically. I was on the verge of a burnout and felt like I could snap at any moment. Have you ever experienced that? Sound familiar? I was doing all the…

Happiness Health

Managing Your Energy in the Workplace

Stress and Energy Low at Work? Managing your energy in the workplace can be quite a challenge. Many people only feel the effects of a long day of hard work, but don’t take the time to investigate the causes of feeling so stressed out. Step One Why not make an old fashioned list? Create four columns, two of which are…

Veggie of the Week

The Pistachio: Heart Healthy Nuts

What are Pistachios? Similar to mangoes, the pistachio is a member of the cashew family. Although now grown in California, it originates from the Middle East and is native to Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey and the Caucausus Mountains (southern Afghanistan and Russia). It’s the seed of a very hardy tree that grows in dry, stoney, nutrient-poor soil under a hot sun….